Oct 28 2019


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Technological Innovation Guest Speaker Series

Coffee has never been far from founder Alisha Esmail’s mind; it’s an integral part of her daily ritual and one she has savoured for many years at home and throughout her worldly travels. Her past work executing development projects in Haiti, Nepal and South Africa set fire to a deep desire to make a positive impact and spark change in an industry that is fraught with turmoil and unethical practice. Driven by her experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Alisha set out to create that change. Her passion for people and coffee culminated in the form of Road Coffee.

Alisha’s entrepreneurial spirit was no mistake or happenstance. Both of her parents were born in Tanzania, and from the time she could walk, Alisha heard her mother speak with passion about opening an orphanage. Inspiring others, following your dreams and making the world a better place were core tenants in her household. She watched her mother fearlessly chase her passion. And then she did the same.

In the years that followed Alisha spent time volunteering in LA, bettering access to food and water in Panama, and participated in various projects around the world bringing impact and long term change. It was during these experiences that she decided to change her career path to focus on development.

Blending her passion for ethical business and travel, she saw an opportunity to make a greater impact. She found that in coffee and founded Road Coffee on the same values she lives every day. Connecting passions, people and values, Road is recognized as a leader in sourcing, industry innovations and taste.