Feb 07 2020 - Feb 11 2020


9:00 am - 7:00 pm

SCPOR Escape Room

The story line:

You and your research team are writing a grant and want to meet with local expert, Dr. Bee, about his trade secret tips and tricks on patient-oriented research. Dr. Bee is running late, but his assistant let’s you into his office and locks the door to ensure no secrets leave the room. What happens when Dr. Bee doesn’t arrive? You’ll have to work as a team to find the hidden key to escape in time to submit your grant. 

The details:

Interested in learning about patient-oriented research? Based on the Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (SCPOR) Patient-Oriented Research Level of Engagement Tool  (PORLET), teams of up to five will work together to actively engage with the concepts of patient-oriented research to solve clues and escape the room! This is an interactive learning process based on the fundamentals of patient-oriented research.

Escape rooms require you to solve puzzles that progress to a final clue that allows you to exit the room. Sign up as a team of up to five, or schedule yourself as a solo registrant* into a room! Each session will run for one hour, including a debrief following the escape room. The escape room will contain no graphic or potentially scary content. You will never be physically locked into the room, and may leave at any time if required. 

If these specific days do not work for you, or you are looking for more information, please contact Tami Waldron, SCPOR Training and Capacity Development Specialist, at 

*Rooms require a minimum of three people to proceed.