Feb 11 2020


9:15 am - 11:15 am

SASKATOON CREATING CONNECTIONS / Networking Skills Seminar- First Impressions Matter



1.  Identifying communication styles from an overview of type. We will cover the opposite ways of gaining energy (Extroversion or Introversion), gathering information (Sensing or Intuition), coming to a conclusion about that information (Thinking or Feeling), and dealing with the world around us (Judging or Perceiving). This will be related directly to how to engage others in the workplace and at networking events using their preferred styles and word choices.

2. Developing 45-second conversation starters  that will quickly engage others and entice further questions. These can be used as a response to the typical question “What do you do?” and will help yourself or your team stand out among competitors. 

3. Identifying appropriate questions to ask when engaging coworkers and potential customers at networking events or meetings. Effective listening techniques will also allow you to understand the needs of the person in front of you and will make you a memorable conversationalist. 

4. Understanding body language in relation to networking etiquette and communication styles to help others feel more comfortable and to avoid interrupting conversations; limiting beliefs about our confidence in our networking abilities will also be discussed as this can impact our professionalism and decrease our revenue due to lost opportunities. 

5. Following up in a timely fashion using social media platforms, email and phone calls to ensure contacts are not lost; social media professionalism and etiquette are of utmost importance!  


$99.00 plus GST per participant

 What You Will Get: 

  • Guided Workbook

  • Opportunity to Practice

  • Network with Business Professionals

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