Oct 23 2019


5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Excellence in Quality Night “Leading Change”

Excellence in Quality Night – Leading Change

Change has always been constant, but in today’s digital landscape the pace of change is accelerating at a faster and faster rate. This creates both challenges and opportunities for organizations and for the quality profession at large. There are those who will meet these challenges and opportunities proactively and others who will wait and be forced to be reactive in their response. Within this dynamic is the opportunity for quality professionals to lead their organizations through the changes that each is destined to go through. The future is NOW, and both organizations and individuals have a choice to either lead the change it is bringing or be led by the change that occurs.

Presentations by:

Simple Compliance Solutions Ltd. – Embracing Quality: Moving Innovation

Luxsonic Technologies Inc. – The Immersive Future of Training and Certification

Canadian Isotope Innovations Corp. – A New Paradigm for Mo-99/Tc-99m Supply

Come together and celebrate Saskatchewan Excellence in Quality. Learn and speak with industry experts, view student research posters, have a snack, drink, socialize and network with your community.

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