Oct 24 2019


6:15 pm - 10:15 pm

CIM Saskatoon – Potash Night

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Potash Night General Agenda

Doors Open: 6:15 pm

CIM Saskatoon Network & Cocktail Reception: 6:15 to 7:00 pm

Announcements: 7:00 pm

Supper: 7:05 pm

Presentation: 8:00 pm

Q & A: following presentation

Please feel free to stay after the presentation for networking

Presentation Information

Western Potash Corp – Milestone Project

The Western Potash Corp (WPC) Milestone Phase I Project is located approximately 35 km southeast of Regina, Saskatchewan. This project will be the newest and most innovative, environmentally friendly and capital efficient new potash mine in Canada. By utilizing advanced horizontal drilling techniques, the Project will be able to initially target the high-grade potash bed, then by using selective dissolution, preferentially leach the potash to the surface. This will be the first potash mine in the world that will leave no salt tailings on the surface, thereby significantly reducing water consumption.

Site construction and drilling activities have been ongoing since June 2019, and Operations to fill the crystal pond from the end of August 2019. The drilling has successfully completed the three vertical production wells which intersected high grade potash in all wells. The project has also drilled and connected the injection wells, having achieved on target intersection of the potash bed. The wells will form the initial 3 caverns which will be replaced over the 12 year life of the Phase I project. Each cavern consists of an injection well under the potash bed and connected withdrawal well which returns the brine back to the surface.

After successful drilling and with appropriate regulatory approvals, the caverns will firstly start ‘cold mining’ to enlarge the caverns and saturate the brine with salt in preparation for production, followed by ‘hot mining’ that will recirculate brine into the caverns and preferentially extract the KCl resulting in the buildup of an inventory of potash in the crystal pond. By mid-2020 the process plant will be constructed and ready to harvest the inventory of potash in the pond. The plant will then de-brine, dry and compact the potash and truck to a nearby distribution center.

Phase I is the first stage of a 3 part development plan, with Phase II at an annual capacity of 1.4 million tonnes of potash delivered by 2025, and Phase III at another 1.4 million tonnes of potash per annum by 2030. Development of Phase II & III will depend on the success of the mining methodology applied in Phase I, and further design, financing and board approvals.

Senior Western Potash representatives will provide a summary of the Milestone Project from the early days of exploration to the current status including exploration, engineering, construction, geology, mining and future project plans.

Guest Speakers

Jared Galenzoski, P.Geo.

Mr. Galenzoski has over 15 years in the resource industry with predominant commodity experience in potash followed by gold, diamonds, uranium and petroleum. Before joining Western Potash Corp., Mr. Galenzoski worked primarily in domestic projects and operations but also has gained international experience on several mining projects in South America.

Mr. Galenzoski manages the Drilling and Solution Mining efforts as part of the Phase I Milestone Pilot Project. Mr. Galenzoski holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Regina as well as a Petroleum Engineering Technology diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (Calgary, AB).

Greg Vogelsang, P.Geo.

Mr. Vogelsang joined Western Potash Corp. in August 2010.

Mr. Vogelsang is a Professional Geoscientist with 30 years of professional experience related to Environmental Management and Geoscience. He has 7 years experience with the government of Saskatchewan – Ministry of Environment as a Senior Manager and over 20 years as a consulting Geoscientist. After joining Western, he successfully led the Milestone Project through the Environmental Assessment process and was instrumental in identifying and negotiating the agreement with the City of Regina to use treated effluent as the primary water supply for the project.

Mr. Vogelsang was elected Vice President of Geoscientists Canada in 2012 and assumed the role of President (2013/2014) in June 2013. He has previously served as Saskatchewan Director to Geoscientists Canada and served two terms on Council of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS).

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology with the University of Regina.

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